ARLIX launches its first model of muscular bike, reinventing a new driving experience, in which pilot and vehicle collaborate in synergy by expressing never-before-seen performance.
Arlix bikes are hybrid vehicles in which the drive, given by the muscular traction of the pilot, is amplified by the aid of an electric motor that follows the conditions of the ground and the pilot's desire.
The chassis is equipped with a variable trim device that changes the position of the driver in all circumstances depending on the conditions of the path, optimizing the physical effort, increasing safety and high driving comfort.


Our primary goal is giving pleasure by using a technological jewel by the brilliant performances and a unique design. Motorcycles, made with artisan techniques and assembled with the utmost care, are produced in limited edition.
Driving sensations are absolutely unique and incomparable:
- Driving with "enhanced" effect thanks to the amplification of muscle strength and the dynamic optimization of the set
- aerobic driving movement with a feeling of great physical well-being
- fun for its extreme ease of handling and driving comfort
- Safe in road holding and braking thanks to a range of motorcycle components.


Arlix does not just create technological excellence, but we want to express the best even in stylistic terms. The design of the Technocruiser was created by Arlix style center and its curves found inspiration in the aeronautical industry, giving to the vehicle great lightness but also great solidity.
The goal was to create a technological design, inspired by the soft and elegant lines of the cruiser with a unique personality and out of the conventional scheme. The use of technical solutions such as the parallelogram fork and other components have given the vehicle a futuristic and exclusive style.


TechnoCruiser of Arlix is ​​a crossover-bike.
The "CROSSING OVER" between bikes and motorbikes created this emerging class of vehicles. It's not a motorized bicycle, neither an electric motorbike. It's an hybrid vehicle with high technological standards, an elegant Italian design, and a dynamic and strong character.
Technocruiser, in the top version, is equipped with a 1000W electric engine with a continuous changeover design that allows you to have a ready-made response to any need, using the medium according to your wishes and with the utmost simplicity.
You can push the vehicle with only muscular strength, with the slightest aids of the engine calibrated in such a way as to balance the weight of the bike on the different types of path.
You can use it in urban environments using the highest synergy ratio by dribbing traffic easily, or by activating the heart rate monitor, which allows you to adjust the engine's assistance in relation to your physical conditions.
In everyday use, a powerful battery allows you to not charge daily.