new concept of motion

UNICA by Arlix the first Granturismo e-bike.

An Italian excellence that represents a UNICUM in the world of electric mobility.

Designed for the most advanced markets in terms of style, innovation and performance.

UNICA is not just an e-bike.

but a new concept of elegance and style,

sustainable mobility and digital innovation.


Arlix parts


26"x 3.50 wheels.


Parallelogram fork in ergal.

luggage rack

Integrated retractable luggage rack.

Shock absorber

Adjustable air/oil front shock absorber.

Front light Led

low beam LED front light.

UNECE regulatory high beams.

Steering lock

Steering lock integrated in the frame and ignition with silver key.


Multifunction 4 " color oled Touch screen Display.


Battery pack LI-PO 48V 2500W.

Access to the battery compartment via magnetic fastening doors.


High performance 250/1000w Central Engine


Monocoque frame in reinforced carbon fiber.

Swing arm

Ergal swingarm made from solid.

Shock absorber

Spring-loaded hydraulic shock absorber, crankcase.


CVT automatic transmission with continuous variation enviolo top performance.


saddle with automatic device with variable trim.

differentiated padding for maximum comfort.


200mm Formula brake system.

Mudflaps / rear light

additional splash guard for extra protection.

rear light with stop light, single regulation.

exclusive design

hand made

made in italy

green energy


a little bit of us
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This new concept of innovative mobility focuses on the protection of the environment. A sustainable vehicle was designed, thanks to the creation of a combination of bicycles and motorcycles. It is not a motorized bicycle, it is not an electric motorcycle, but it is a hybrid and dynamic vehicle with high technological standards. The tailor- made vehicle has a strong personality in terms of design and has been created elegantly in Italy.UNICA is intended for a demanding audience that loves to stand out, but at the same time sees sustainability as an important factor in their lives.


Arlix has not only created technological excellence but has also challenged the design of the vehicle by expressing excellence in terms of style. UNICA was created in the Italian atelier where engineers combine innovative functionalities with exclusive designs.The shapes, of aeronautical derivation, give the vehicle an overall image of great lightness but also of great solidity. The aim was to create a limited edition outside of the conventional patterns. For the technological design, engineers took inspiration from the smooth and elegant lines of the cruiser’s unique personality. The use of technical solutions such as the parallelogram fork and other components has given the vehicle a futuristic and exclusive style.


Our primary goal is to excite. Give pleasure through the use of a technological jewel with brilliant performance and exclusive design, reserved for those who are able to recognize and appreciate its value. UNICA is made with handcrafted techniques, high quality, materials, and assembled with care. The vehicle is tailor-made and personalized, in order to satisfy every single consumer’s needs and desires. The driving sensations are absolutely unique and incomparable: - optimized guidance through automated trim and posture system. - fun and functional usage thanks to the use of the gearbox with automatic variation. - comfortable even on long journeys for upright posture and a seat with differentiated padding. - safe in road holding and braking thanks to equipment of superior category components.


UNICA of Arlix is the first e-bike from Granturismo and represents a true uniqueness in the world of e-bikes.

It has nothing to do with a simple e-bike, the new shape of the vehicle allows great versatility of use. Everything is designed for long distances, autonomy of about 200 km, great riding comfort, safety comparable to a motorcycle, storage compartments, and retractable parcel boxes are just some of the characterizing aspects that make this vehicle even more unique and diverse.

The technical equipment is also absolutely distinctive. We find an automatic system of the driving trim, which allows to vary the height of the seat, during the ride, depending on the road conditions. UNICA offers a new driving feeling never experienced before, thanks to the variation of the automatic gearbox. A carbon fiber frame, ergal components, color touchscreen display, and motorcycle-derived steering lock are further contributors, which lead to the creation of this new Italian excellence.

Our Models

Chooes Power


48V - 2500wh


  • 25Km/h
  • 200Km
  • 5h

Only For USA


48V - 2500wh


  • 45Km/h
  • 180Km
  • 5h


48V - 2500wh


  • 25Km/h
  • 200Km
  • 5h

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